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This online platform has been designed to allow customers the self-service option of uploading their electricity meter readings. Currently, residential customers (Scale 3 & 4) and business customers (Scale 1) may utilise this platform to upload their readings. Uploading readings via this platform will complement the quarterly municipal meter readings, ensuring minimal estimate charges.

Electricity meter readings can be uploaded in five (5) easy steps. You will require your municipal bill to obtain your “reference E" and meter numbers. You would also need your meter reading as displayed by your meter onsite.

The system will validate your details, and where successful, your reading will be uploaded into the billing system. You may load a reading at any point in the month; however, to ensure an account WITHOUT estimated charges, you are encouraged to upload your meter readings during your specified read cycle days in the month. The specified days to upload your readings differ per customer and will be shared with you upon successful validation in step 2.
Should your reading not be in accordance with your previous consumption patterns, it will be sent for an audit check. To ensure accurate billing, you should upload a reading at least once per month, preferably during your specified read cycle days.

Electricity meter reading submission form:

Step 1:
Obtain your eThekwini municipal account.
Step 2:
Step 3:

Step 4:
Step 5:
The submit button will be enabled once your E number, meter number is verified and reCaptcha completed.